Laser engraving machines have a huge range of uses and have completely changed the engraving industry. They can be fitted with 30W-60W of laser power, where lower powers can make these machines ideal for engraving rather than for cutting.

Higher laser powers are available for cutting and bespoke applications. Their versatility is one of their key benefits – they can create accurate and precise cuts through the use of computers when engraving many different materials. For example;

Paper and card
Cloth, leather and fabrics
Stone, granite and ceramics
Coated metals

This shows the true flexibility of these machines – they will work well with both sturdy and delicate materials, producing highly accurate results even when creating the most intricate designs.

Safety is a central factor when considering any laser machine. Choose a laser engraver that is safe to use and requires little human interaction during the process. They run using the laser software, therefore needing no human input whilst engraving.

Laser engraving machines can be used to produce beautiful individual results, but they can also be used to carry out replications.

Here are some of the top ways in which laser engraving machines can be used:

Creating bespoke designs
Making architectural models and prototypes
Educating students and creating an endless range of educational projects
Engraving awards, displays and signage
Pyrography projects